Permanent exhibitions

museum gallery room with deep pink walls and a high white ceiling.  The walls are covered in oil paintings.

The museum hosts a range of permanent exhibitions.

The Local History Gallery – ground floor

The Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth has been a place to live and work for over 1000 years. This gallery brings to life its rich history through objects and stories. Find out about the entertainer Larry Grayson, the Royal Gurkha Rifles regiment, how Nuneaton got its name, and the borough’s varied industries.

The George Eliot Parlour and Writing Room – ground floor

George Eliot (1819-80) was a famous Victorian novelist who grew up in Griff, Nuneaton. She wrote several books including Middlemarch and Adam Bede. Our galleries include a reconstruction of her parlour where she wrote and entertained, and objects associated with her life and novels. You can find out who George Eliot was, what influenced her writings and how her fame has spread across the world.

The Picture Gallery – first floor

This room showcases a range of paintings and sculpture from the Museum’s collection. We like to encourage people to look closely at the art. What can a portrait tell us about the person’s background and mood? How have different artists depicted the changing nature of the sea? What different stories can artworks reveal?

Events at the museum