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Bin collection service

Your bin service

We provide a kerbside waste collection service to residents in Nuneaton and Bedworth; including a wheeled bin service for household residents and communal bin services for flat residents.

Your household bin collection service

  • General non-recyclable waste - black lid bin – 240L wheeled bin for non-recyclable household waste
  • Recycling - brown lid bin with container insert – 240L wheeled bin for mixed recyclables and 20L container insert for paper and card.
  • Garden and food - green lid bin – 240L wheeled bin for garden and food waste (this is a chargeable opt-in service)

This is a fortnightly collection service. Your brown lid recycling and garden green bins will be collected on the alternate week to your black household waste bin.

  1. Your bin must be presented at the kerbside by 7:00am on your collection day. We will not return to collect your bin if you did nor put it out for collection.
  2. Your bin must be returned to your property as soon as possible after collection.
  3. Your bin lid must be closed. No additional side waste will be collected for general waste or green waste. However, additional recycling with your brown lid bin on collection day (mixed recycling must be placed in a container - paper/card separated in a cardboard box or paper bag) will be collected.
  4. If your bin is contaminated bins with incorrect waste - it will not be collected.
  5. You can swap your 240L bin for a 140L bin.

Your flats/communal bin collection service

  • General waste - green or grey bin - large communal general household waste bin
  • Recycling - blue bin or bin with signage as appropriate for mixed recycling

General waste is collected weekly and recycling fortnightly. Collections take place on different days throughout the week. General waste is usually collected the first half of the week and recycling later in the week.

  1. Waste must be put within the bin. Waste left outside of the bin, inside or outside of the bin store, will be classed as fly-tipping.
  2. Communal bins are for the use of flat residents only. Use by external parties will be classed as fly-tipping.
  3. Communal bins are for household waste only. Any bulky waste left in communal bins or bin stores will be classed as fly-tipping.
  4. If a recycling bin is available for use, make sure you recycle the correct items.

Bulky waste

We provide a bulky waste collection service to our residents.

Last updated Wednesday, 14th September 2022

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