Brown-lid bin

Your brown-lid bin is for your recyling material, for example, paper, card, bottles.

Use our materials directory search to find out whether or not they can be recycled at home, and if not, what you can do with them.

Help us to give you the best possible service

  • Present your bin by 7:00am
  • Put your bin back within 24 hours of collection
  • Avoid non-collection by putting correct items in the bin, advice can be found at What can I put in my recycle bin.
  • Contain all items within the bin - make sure the lid is fully closed
  • Bins cannot be collected if too heavy
  • Where possible cardboard should be broken down and placed in your brown lid bin.
  • Only a reasonable amount of additional cardboard will be taken and no larger in size than the wheeled bin
  • No sacked waste will be collected.
  • Any additional waste must be no larger than the bin can hold, with the lid flat to enable operatives to use the empty bin safely to carry out the additional collection
  • If capacity of your recycling bin is insufficient for your needs, you can purchase an additional bin or take excess material to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC).

If you cannot recycle at home

Use Recycle Now's recycling locator to find out where you can recycle items not accepted in your kerbside collection.