Report fly-tipping

Any information that is provided to us will be kept confidential.

Report fly-tipping

In order for us to be able to prosecute effectively, we need your help. Witness statements and information given is treated confidentially.  If you witness fly-tipping taking place, try and get the following information and report as soon as possible:

  • date and time of offence
  • how many people are involved and what they look like
  • what has been tipped - how much and what it looks like
  • details of any vehicles involved including make, colour and registration number if possible

If you find fly tipping

  1. Don't touch the waste - it may contain syringes, toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances.
  2. Don't disturb the site - there may be evidence that could help identify the fly-tippers and lead to their prosecution.
  3. Visually try to work out what the waste consists of and how much there is.
  4. Make a note of the day, date and time you saw the tipping, its exact location and whether it’s in or near water.
  5. Take a photo if it's safe and possible to do so.

Remember that fly-tippers are doing something illegal. Be very careful - they are unlikely to welcome people observing them or taking notes or photographs.

Removal of fly tipping

  • we will investigate cases of fly-tipping and act on the findings as appropriate
  • we can only remove fly-tipping which is found on public land and is not privately owned land
  • fly-tipping found on private premises is the responsibility of the owner and so some cases may take longer to rectify than others
  • The council can arrange the removal of waste from private land at a cost to the owner