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Resident involvement

Join us on an estate walkabout

We would like to invite residents, local community groups, and local businesses to join us on an estate walkabout with council officers and local councillors to identify what is wrong, arrange to fix it, and make your community a better place.

The next one takes place on:

  • Thursday, 14 September
  • for council tenants in Wem Brook ward
  • from 10:00am to 4:00pm
  • meeting at HTC Hub, 1 Donnithorne Avenue

The estate walkabout will cover the following roads:

  • Marston Lane
  • Marner Road
  • Barton Road
  • Gilfil Road
  • Middlemarch Road
  • College Street
  • Tulliver Road
  • Sorrell Road
  • Sudeley Road
  • Poyser Road
  • Donnithorne Avenue
  • Knebley Crescent
  • Raveloe Drive
  • Bradestone Road
  • Fir Tree Grove
  • Red Deeps
  • Caldwell Road
  • Morris Drive

Let us make this a real community walkabout event and see how we can change our areas to benefit everyone who lives and works there.

Last updated Thursday, 17th August 2023

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