Tree maintenance

The Council maintains a large quanity of trees across the borough. However, not all trees are managed by us.

Who is responsible for tree maintenance

  • We own and maintains trees in parks and on public open spaces
  • Warwickshire County Council is responsible for trees at the roadside and on highway verges
  • Trees on private land are the responsibility of the land owner
  • Council tenants are responsible for trees within their garden
  • Tree preservation orders (TPOs) are dealt with by the planning team

Report a tree problem

We will not conduct work on trees:

  • if it is blocking light
  • to improve the view from a property
  • if there is overhang into a garden/over a driveway
  • because it is simply considered to be overgrown, too big or too tall without good reason (for example, a significant physical defect)
  • to improve television/radio reception/prevent shading of solar panels or aid installation of equipment
  • to remove or reduce blossom/pollen from trees or to remove fallen blossom from private land
  • to remove or reduce bird droppings/wildlife habitat/pests from trees, or to remove bird droppings from private land
  • to prevent roots entering a drain that is already broken or damaged
  • to attempt to reduce the fall of leaves, seeds or fruit
  • to remove or reduce honeydew or other sticky residue from trees
  • where a request has been made to do so because of a personal medical condition that has not been substantiated
  • to improved unlicensed access onto our land (that is through a garden gate)
  • due to falling vegetation due to extreme weather (for example, high winds) where there are no further danger issues
  • due to unsubstantiated or unreasonable damage claims

We may conduct work on trees:

  • if it is causing damage to property
  • where there is a clear and foreseeable threat to the personal safety of the public or to property, that is directly related to the condition of a tree
  • if tree roots are causing a trip hazard
  • if it has been vandalised

Grounds maintenance

Tree policy