Major works and section 20

Major work is any work to the structure and shared areas of the building where your property is situated. We are responsible for carrying out this type of work and the leaseholder is then charged for a share of these costs.

Leaseholders are consulted over any works in accordance with the requirements of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, referred to as a Section 20 consultation.

How much will it cost me

Your share of the costs will depend on the number of flats in your block.  For example if you live in a multi-storey block of 100 flats and a new lift is to be installed at a cost of £100,000 your share would be £1,000.

As a leaseholder you will contribute towards the costs of major repairs and improvements. Where the council intends to carry out major works, a consultation process will take place with you and other leaseholders, and you will be charged a proportion of the cost in accordance with your lease agreement.

Section 20 consultation notification procedure advises of the different notices that we have to send you when we go out to tender before any works are carried out to your property.

Once work has been identified to the building where your property is located, a further notice is sent to you to show you how much you will have to pay for the works.  Our frequently asked questions about the notice of work explain more about what happens once work has been identified.

How can I pay for the work

Should you receive an invoice for any major repairs or improvements, the council has a number of payment schemes available to suit individual circumstances.