Service charges

The service charge is the cost you pay to the council for your share of managing, maintaining, repairing and providing services to communal areas where you live.

The charge includes the costs of;

  • cleaning the communal areas
  • grounds maintenance
  • landlord's lighting
  • general and maintenance costs
  • management costs

Other costs relating to the area where you live, these costs are variable, depending on the level of service provided or work required.

In April each year you will receive an estimated charge.  This is an advanced charge based on the estimated cost of providing all the services for the forthcoming financial year (from 1 April to 31 March).

By September of the following year you will receive an adjustment notice, so that you only pay for the actual services and costs that have been incurred.

Your service charge invoice will include an element for buildings insurance only.

  • You will be responsible for arranging your own contents insurance