Report damp and mould

Damp is very common in homes and can cause all sorts of problems, including mould on walls and furniture, or making timber window frames rot. Damp also encourages the growth of mould and mites which can be the source of many health problems, including respiratory infections, asthma and allergies.

Report damp and mould

Whenever Council staff and contractors are working within our properties and its surrounding areas, they will be checking for signs of damp and mould. Any concerns will be reported immediately to our repairs team on behalf of the tenant.

Types of damp

  • Rising damp - occurs when moisture travels up from the ground through the masonry to the height of about one metre
  • Penetrating damp - occurs when water penetrates the fabric of a building from outside to inside, for example, because of a leaking downpipe
  • Construction damp - where damp is caused by a problem in how the property was designed
  • Condensation damp - occurs when a property cannot handle normal levels of water vapour because of a lack of insulation, ventilation or heating, or a combination of all these things

Most tenants live in properties that are largely free from damp and mould. However, living with damp and mould can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. It is essential that the Council identifies and addresses these issues promptly and effectively.

Repairs team

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