What is anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is any act or behaviour that disturbs the peace, comfort, or convenience of anyone living in your community and we  are committed to making our Borough a safer place to live.  We intend to do this is to investigate all reports of anti-social behaviour, and to take appropriate action against perpetrators. 

Examples of ASB include: 

  • Harassment
  • Intimidating
  • Threats to life
  • Prejudice and/or hate crimes
  • Violence and/ or assault
  • Threatening/abusive words, gestures, or behaviour
  • Illegal or immoral behaviour
  • Abuse of alcohol when this behaviour becomes a nuisance
  • Causing damage to property 
  • Fly-tipping and littering 
  • Excessive Noise 
  • Animal related nuisances
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour 
  • Vandalism, graffiti, and criminal damage
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Stalking 
  • Persistent, offensive, indecent or abusive phone calls, text messages, emails and/or use of social media

What is not ASB

The following behaviours are not deemed to be anti-social:

  • Parking disputes (including badly parked vehicles)
  • Children playing (including ball games)
  • DIY (at reasonable times of the day)
  • Groups of people (unless are rowdy, abusive, causing damage or committing crimes)
  • General living noise
  • Religious or cultural practice
  • A one-off party

The Council does not have powers to investigate reports of people going about their everyday lives, lawfully.

How will the Council tackle ASB

The Tenancy Services team at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is committed to reducing ASB in our communities by following a robust investigation process. 

You can view our ASB Service Standards

Anti-Social Behaviour Officers will investigate all reports of ASB they receive regarding tenants, their household, and/or visitors to Council owned properties. 

The aim is to try and stop ASB. However, for the most serious, prolific, or reoccurring perpetrators of ASB, Anti-Social Behaviour Officers are trained in taking enforcement action. This can include pursuing Possession Proceedings (Eviction), or other forms of ASB sanctions. 

Anti-Social Behaviour Officers will also proactively work with out ASB Communities Officer to deal with issues that are impacting the wider community.

For example, there is intelligence to suggest County Lines activity is significantly increasing across the Borough. Anti-Social Behaviour Officers, the ASB Communities Officer and the Police are working together to try and stop the supply of illegal drugs into our community. 

Partnership working is key in tackling ASB in our Communities. The Council also jointly works with the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) at Warwickshire Police to identify, tackle and prevent ASB. 

Why report ASB

ASB can ruin lives. We need information and intelligence to take action. Information, reports and engagement from residents enables us to tackle ASB. 

Further information and support

If you have been the victim of ASB or would like further information on ASB you can visit the following websites:

In an emergency, or if a crime is in progress dial 999. 


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