Voting at a polling station

If you are registered to vote we will send you a poll card just before an election telling you where and when to vote.

  • You can only vote at the polling station stated on your poll card

Polling station opening times

Polling stations are open from 7:00am to 10:00pm on polling day

Lost my polling card

You can still vote even if you have lost your polling card.

If you have not received a polling card, contact us as soon as possible.

When you get to the polling station

You can take your polling card with you to show who you are, but you do not have to.

  • Give your name and address to the staff inside the polling station when you arrive
  • You will be given a ballot paper containing a list of the people, parties or other options you can vote for

Filling in your ballot paper

  • Take your ballot paper into a polling booth
  • Follow the instructions on the notices in the polling booth and on the top of the ballot paper to vote
  • Put it in the ballot box

Giving information to tellers

Tellers outside polling stations work for political parties and candidates. They might ask you for some information, like your electoral number. You do not have to give them the information they ask for, but you can if you want to.