Tenancy guide

It can feel a little bit scary moving into a new home, whether it is your first home or whether you are just moving to another home.

The step into your tenancy information will help guide you through setting up your bills and planning your budget so that you can be as ready as possible to move in, enjoy your home and not worry about getting into arrears or debt with your bills.

To get the most out of the step into your tenancy guide, it is best to work through it, step-by-step online, as it has interactive links that will take you to all of the websites you will need to set up your bills and to find out more information. There is also an accompanying to do checklist that you can fill in, to help keep you on track!

You just need tick of all the things that you’ve done and keep any important dates and any notes safe as a reminder. Be proud of yourself when you have ticked it off the list.

Because of the current energy crisis, it may not be possible to switch to a different energy provider or even fix your tariff when you move home. Information and advice regarding energy providers and their tariffs is changing all of the time.

Therefore, please make sure you check the latest information and advice available so that you can make the right informed decision. Martin Lewis gives the latest advice and information so it is advisable to follow him on his website for the most recent advice. 

If you are struggling to pay your bills, or have arrears and debt that you are worried about, then act now. There is lots of help available. The earlier you ask for help, the quicker it is to resolve and the better you will feel.