Recycling hints and tips

Recycling correctly is really important. It makes sure the recycling process runs smoothly and no additional energy or costs need to be used.

Non-collection notice bin hanger

If you have a household recycling collection (brown-lid bin) your bin may be rejected if the items within it are incorrect or incorrectly sorted.

  • The hanger will advise why the bin has been rejected
  • The bin will need to be sorted in order for your next collection to take place
  • Go to the brown-lid bin page for more information

The trouble makers

These are the items that we find cause most recycle bin rejections. A full list can be found in the recycling guide.

  • Plastic carrier bags - not recyclable in the household collection and can damage machinery, even causing enough damage to shut down an entire recycling plant
  • Food contamination and soggy materials - can spoil a whole bin truck’s load of recycling which would then end up going for incineration. Please ensure recycling is washed wherever possible.
  • Polystyrene - not recyclable in the household collection

Pesky plastics

We understand that recycling plastics can get confusing, some are accepted and some are not. This is due to the chemicals a plastic is made from and how difficult it is to break the material down.

Bottle tops are not recyclable in the household collection.


  • Electronic items such as toasters, kettles and microwaves cannot be accepted in the household or communal recycling collection. They can however be taken to Judkins to be recycled. If they are in working order, you can always try to sell them on or give away for free on freegle

Recycle signs on packaging

Many items have a recycling sign on them, alongside a code.

  • Recycle codes are for manufacturers to identify the type of material, and do not always have relevance to which items are accepted in the household recycling collection service

Recycle signs on packaging show that the material is recycled widely but collections differ from borough to borough, so it is always best to check first.

For example; most take away pizza boxes will have a recycle sign on the box, but due to the food and grease residue embedded in the cardboard, it cannot be recycled in our collection after use.