Petitions we will not accept

We will not accept or publish petitions if any of the following apply:

  • Frivolous or vexatious petitions or time-wasting
  • Rude or abusive
  • Unlawful petitions
  • Otherwise inappropriate
  • Defamatory

Duplicate petitions

Where more than one petition is received in time for a particular meeting, each supporting the same outcome on one matter, each petition organiser will be treated as an independent petition organiser, but only the petition organiser of the first petition to be received will be invited to address the relevant meeting.

Repeat petitions

Where a petition will not normally be considered where they are received within six months of another petition being considered by the Council on the same matter.

Rejected petitions

  • Petitions that do not affect the functions of the Council or the Borough
  • Decisions about regulatory matters, eg. Individual decisions of Planning or Licensing matters
  • Employee related matters