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Grounds maintenance

Grass cutting

Cutting of highway verges, parks, open spaces and countryside sites starts around the end of March and continues throughout the summer and autumn periods.  We cut grass on an approximate 15 working day cycle, which is dependent on factors such as the weather, grass growth and time of year.

  • Countryside sites are mainly cut on one occasion per year to allow for the development of flora and fauna and to encourage wildlife.

Grass cuttings removal

We do not remove grass cuttings from large areas e.g., grass verges, parks, large open spaces and incidental open space within residential areas.  However, we do remove grass cuttings from formal parks, e.g. Miners Welfare Park in Bedworth and from sheltered and very sheltered housing complexes.

Clearing grass from pavements

Following mowing in residential areas, a follow-up team visits to clear off any clippings from footpaths using a blower.  This is generally carried out within three hours of mowing or before 9.00am the following day if the mowing is carried out after 2.00pm.

Weather conditions

Mowing is weather dependent, and there may be occasions when cutting is either suspended due to inclement weather or extended due to mild weather which encourages grass growth.  We monitor our performance on a daily basis to ensure a good quality of service is maintained.

Damage to grass verges because of parked cars

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