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Apply for planning permission

If you are planning on developing within the Borough, or making alterations to your property, use the information below for help and guidance including finding out if you need planning permission, and learning how to apply, current applications and previous decisions, relevant policy and guidance, and other information.

Find out if you need planning permission for household development, like conservatories, extensions, and outbuildings.

Apply for planning permission

Alternatively you can apply on paper and submit the plans directly to the Council. Full details of the current planning application fees can also be found here.

 The planning application system follows this process:

  • when a planning application is received by the Council the first thing we do is to check all the details submitted are correct and the application is valid
  • if it is, we would then write to neighbours and other interested parties and they are generally given 21 days in which to comment - for details on having your say on a planning application see this leaflet
  • the next step is a visit to the site by a Planning Officer to assess the application and its impact on the surrounding area
  • then if there are any issues which we feel can be overcome we will aim to negotiate with you or your agent
  • finally a recommendation is made of either approval, approval subject to conditions, or if approval is not possible; a refusal is made

Last updated Friday, 21st February 2020

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