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Mutual exchange

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A mutual exchange scheme allows council tenants to move to an alternative property by exchanging with other local authority or housing association tenants who hold secure tenancies only.

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How do I find someone to exchange with?

Everyday homeswapper checks for possible new swaps for you.  It will save them and you can log in at anytime to see them.  Match alerts are sent to you so you don't miss any swaps.  The site can notify you by email or text message.

Who can join?

Homeswapper is free of charge to all Nuneaton and Bedworth council tenants.  If you don't have regular internet access, you can get online at the customer service centre, Town Hall, Nuneaton or your local library.

What do I do if I find someone to swap with?

You need to make arrangements to view each other's properties.  If you are both interested in exchanging properties, contact the duty housing officer who will advise you how to proceed.  Both parties will need to complete a 'permission for a mutual exchange' form.

A housing officer will visit to inspect your property and explain the procedure to you.  Do not make any removal arrangements until you have received written confirmation from your landlord that the exchange can go ahead and you have a date to move. Once you have written confirmation from your landlord to move it's up to both parties to sort out all the moving arrangements.


Please make sure that the property you are moving out of is in a satisfactory state of repair and decoration. You will not be given permission to exchange if you have a notice of seeking possession, a court order, e.g. rent arrears, anti social behaviour order, outstanding court costs or you are an introductory tenant. You must not exchange without written permission from your landlord.

Last updated Wednesday, 13th January 2016

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