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Green bin - garden and food waste

Apply for a green bin collection service

Apply for the green bin collection service and we will issue you with a sticker for your bin.

  • You should receive your bin sticker within 10 days of ordering

The service costs £40 per bin, per year from February to mid-January (apart from a short break during winter). You can sign up for the service at any time of the year, but there is no discount for part-year subscriptions. There is no concession for this service.

Subscribe to the green bin service

How the service will work

  • when you receive your sticker, you will need to stick it to the body of your bin at the rear, below the handle
  • this sticker will be unique to you and will match our records
  • we will only empty green bins that display a sticker

I don't want to pay for a green bin

Last updated Monday, 23rd January 2023

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