Apply for rent in advance payment

Rent in advance payments are discretionary payments to help secure new properties for tenants that are facing exceptional circumstances and significant financial hardship.

Apply for rent in advance

After completing the form, your circumstances will be assessed and if successful, we will contact your landlord and agree your rent in advance payment in principle, pending a successful Housing Benefit Claim or Universal Credit with the Housing Element in payment.

Once your Housing Benefit claim or your Universal Credit with the Housing Element is in payment we shall credit your Landlord with the requested rent in advance payment.

Note that rent in advance applications can only be accepted before signing a tenancy agreement and moving into a property. Any applications made after you have signed a tenancy agreement or moved into the property will be refused.

The benefits team would normally deal with all Discretionary Housing Payments, however there may be times we will be required to share your information to enable access to other Nuneaton and Bedworth funding, such as the housing team for assistance with rent in advance.