Appealing against your banding

The council tax banding of your property is fixed by the Valuation Office, an executive Agency of the Inland Revenue. If you believe your banding is wrong, you can contact them and ask to have it reviewed.

  • Telephone: 03000 501501

If your band is already in band A, the lowest band, the Valuation Office cannot reduce the band further.

You can make a formal challenge (known as a proposal to alter the list), but only under limited circumstances. Generally, you can only make a proposal within six months of:

  • becoming a new council taxpayer for a property
  • the Valuation Office notifying you that your banding has changed

You can appeal at any time if:

  • your property has been demolished
  • physical changes in the local area or to the property itself has had an adverse effect on the 1 April 1991 market value
  • your property has been adapted to make the property suitable for someone with a disability