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Bin repairs and replacements

Request a bin repair or replacement

We provide bin repair or replacement where your bin has been broken or stolen. We aim to repair bins, instead of replacing them, where possible.

We can only repair your bin if there is damage to the: 

  • Lid
  • Hinges
  • Wheels
  • Bungs
  • Axles

If there is damage to the main body or handle of the bin, you will need to order a replacement bin.

If we cannot repair your bin, we will issue a full refund, and you will need to reapply for a replacement bin.

Pay for a bin repair or replacement


Bin type Charge
Bin repair £20
140 litre wheelie bin £36
240 litre wheelie bin £38
660 litre wheelie bin £370.60
1100 litre wheelie bin £392.50
  • We do not offer any concessions for these charges
  • We aim to repair or replace your bin within seven working days
  • New bin charges include supply, delivery and removal of your old bin (if applicable)

Waiting for a repair or replacement bin

Whilst you are waiting for a bin repair or replacement, you can leave your rubbish in sacks that are secured and tied to avoid rubbish from spilling out. 

Replace your recycling bin insert

Please present your paper/card in a cardboard box. We are currently unable to deliver inserts due to manufacturing issues.

Key parts of your bin

The repairable parts of your bin are the lid, hinges, bungs, axles, and wheels. If the body or handle of your bin is broken, you must order a new bin as these items cannot be repaired. We will replace a broken recycling bin insert free of charge.

black wheelie bin with parts including lid, hinge, handle, axle, wheels and insert



Last updated Wednesday, 9th August 2023

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