How are the LHA rates worked out

Each Local Authority will be divided into areas called Broad Rental Market Areas, usually based on postcode. The Rent Service will set yearly LHA rates for different sized properties in each of these areas. The council and the Rent Service will publish these so that landlords and tenants can find out the amount of rent that the LHA will cover in any given circumstance. So if you are looking for accommodation, you will be able to see the LHA rate that will apply to you before deciding whether to rent a property.

The level of LHA will depend on only two things:

  • The area you live in - this will establish the Broad Rental Market Area; and
  • Who lives with you - this will determine the size of the property you are allowed and will be based on the number of bedrooms required

The number of people who share the accommodation with you will be used to work out the number of bedrooms needed.

One bedroom will be allowed for:

  • Every adult couple (married or unmarried)
  • Every other adult aged 16 or over
  • Any two children aged under 10
  • Any two children of the same sex aged up to 15
  • Any other child

 LHA rates up to 31 March 2024

Room Rate


Shared House Rate*


1 bedroom


2 bedroom


3 bedroom


4 bedroom


*This rate applies if you are single and under 35 with no children/disabilities