Air quality

Air pollution comes from a range of sources, including vehicle emissions, household chemicals and the burning of materials. It increases the risk of some serious illnesses, and can make existing conditions, like respiratory disorders, worse.

Air quality monitoring

We have a duty under the Environment Act 1995 to review and assess the air quality within our Borough. We do this by comparing measured or predicted air pollution levels against the UK National Air Quality Standards. Where pollutant concentrations are higher, an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) is declared and an Air Quality Action Plan is produced, setting out actions to bring pollutant levels below the target level.

The most important pollutant for the Borough is nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which is associated  with road transport. NO2 is a pollutant that is produced by all combustion processes involving fossil fuels. Locally, roads are the main source of this pollutant and hence it is  of particular concern to people living close to busy routes.

Environmental Protection monitors for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels throughout the Borough using passive diffusion tubes.  These give monthly results and are used for reporting annual averages, examining long term trends and understanding the spread of air pollution. There are 40 diffusion tubes spread across the Borough. 

Monitoring has resulted in Nuneaton and Bedworth declaring two AQMAs.

AQMA 1 - Leicester Rd Gyratory, Nuneaton 

  • This covers part of the A47 referred to as the Leicester Road gyratory. It is the one way system that includes parts of Weddington Road, Old Hinckley Road and Leicester Road in Nuneaton

AQMA2 - Midland Road to Corporation Street, Nuneaton 

  • This covers parts of the B4114 route including Midland Road, Central Avenue, Corporation Street and Manor Court Road junction

Action planning

We have produced an Air Quality Action Plan that works towards future compliance with the NO2 Objective. Progress of the Air Quality Action Plan and pollution levels across the Borough are reported in our Annual Status Reports.