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Resident Involvement Strategy Launched

Published on Thursday, 30th June 2016

This week has seen the launch of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Resident Involvement Strategy 2016-19, an important document which sets out the Council’s plans to involve residents in shaping and delivering housing services within the Borough.

Residents Involvement Strategy

The strategy sets out how the Council will embrace resident involvement over the next three years, focusing on four key aims:

  • to improve quality of life through resident involvement and more effective community engagement
  • to encourage a more inclusive representation of tenants and leaseholders
  • to actively communicate with tenants and leaseholders
  • to seek continuous improvement

Councillor Julie Jackson, portfolio holder for Housing and Communities said:

“Our tenants and leaseholders are directly affected by the housing and community services we provide, so they’re in a position to judge the effectiveness of our services. Their input is crucial for us to understand where we are succeeding and where we can improve and we’re keen to encourage more tenants and leaseholders to work with us.

Our Resident Involvement Strategy 2016-19 maps out how we’ll be working with residents over the next three years and the action plan will help us to monitor our progress.

There are a number of ways for residents to get involved, from helping to write the Homing In Magazine to joining the Residents Partnership; I would urge all tenants and leaseholders to consider taking the opportunity to get involved and really make a difference.”

Lynne Price, Chair of the Residents Partnership said:

“The Resident Involvement Strategy shows us how residents will be involved in the Council’s work and opens up many new opportunities to participate, no matter how much time individuals have to give.

Providing a voice for residents that otherwise may not be heard is something I am passionate about, and I have found working with the Council on matters that affect tenants and leaseholders a rewarding experience.”