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Grass cutting

Published on Tuesday, 28th June 2016

The grass cutting programme in the Borough is behind schedule and we’re dissatisfied with the current performance of our contractor in this area.

We’ve taken the matter up with the contractor and are informed that the delay is due to the recent unpredictable weather patterns which have caused the grass to grow at a far faster rate than normal. Ground conditions are not ideal with some verges being saturated and this has caused further difficulty. As we understand, the longer grass has resulted in higher incidents of mechanical breakdown for the grass cutting equipment and this has further impacted our contractor’s schedule.

Ian Lloyd, portfolio holder for Arts and Leisure said:

“We recognise that ground conditions are challenging but we’re really disappointed that performance standards have fallen so far short of those specified within the grass-cutting contract. We’re working closely with our contractor to rectify this and have increased Council officer time to monitor progress.

A catch-up plan is now in place, including weekend and evening working. Grounds maintenance resources have been shifted from work on bedding areas to grass cutting – it’s all hands to the pump and we’re hoping that our contractor gets on top of the work very soon.

Obviously, if budgets allowed we’d buy in extra resources to catch up on the work more quickly; however, as everyone knows, Council budgets have been drastically cut in recent years so this isn’t an option that's open to us. We’ll continue to treat this issue with the priority it deserves and we apologise to residents for any inconvenience caused.”