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Borough Plan timetable

Published on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

In response to recent media coverage, the Council would like to reiterate the reasons for the alterations to the timeframe for the production of the Borough Plan. The delay is unforeseen, beyond our control and due to the Council’s need to meet legal requirements.

Under a ‘duty to co-operate’ Nuneaton and Bedworth has to consider accommodating additional growth in order to satisfy the overall development needs of the sub-region. This is a result of there being insufficient land to meet objectively assessed need elsewhere within the area. Some other neighbouring authorities are in a similar position.

For Nuneaton and Bedworth, the duty to cooperate has impacted the timetable for the Borough Plan as there is a need to review the evidence base which informs the planning decisions the Council makes. Once the evidence is reviewed, the Plan will be amended and consultation will take place on the changes later in the year. The Plan will then be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for an independent examination.

In direct response to the article in Nuneaton News, and on points of accuracy, we put forward the following facts:

  • the last consultation was held between October and December 2015.
  • we paid for a consultancy firm to sift through the responses this year and not in 2013, as stated.
  • the responses have been released for 2013 but not for the consultation last year.