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West Midlands Combined Authority is launched

Published on Friday, 17th June 2016

The Order creating the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) was confirmed in parliament on Wednesday and was approved by the Secretary of State yesterday.

It has taken more than a year of debate, hard work and tough negotiations with central government.  The organisation will oversee the delivery of a range of powers handed down from central government to us in the West Midlands.

This is fantastic news for our region. The agreement with government will see it make an annual contribution of around £36.5 million for the next 30 years, supporting an overall package that will unlock around £8 billion worth of investment in the region and the creation of up to half a million jobs. For the first time decisions about strategic issues like transport, regeneration and developing skills will be made within the West Midlands, rather than Whitehall.

"These are exciting times for us and I’m incredibly proud of the major contribution Nuneaton and Bedworth has made to the work behind the scenes that’s seen us establish the combined authority quickly, effectively and efficiently. As the first authority in Warwickshire to join the combined authority and the only founder member within the county, we’ve played an important role in making things happen, particularly in providing direction and leadership for non-constituent authorities.

This is the country’s biggest devolution deal yet. We’re just at the beginning of an incredible new journey for our borough and for everyone else who lives, works and does business in our region. 

There’s still plenty of debate to be had about some big issues and lots of detail to be developed. Clearly, our residents and businesses will want to know more about the practicalities of how devolution will work for us and over the coming months we’ll be sharing the still emerging detail about the benefits of more local control over big issues with big budgets.

The official WMCA launch event takes place on 28th June but as we also want to celebrate this huge achievement locally with businesses and other key partners, we’ll be holding a local launch event here in the borough in September."

Dennis Harvey, Leader of the Council

The WMCA’s blueprint for delivering its devolution deals successfully is captured in its Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), which sets out, clearly and robustly, the ambitious vision we have for making the West Midlands the best place in the UK to do business. The plan is available to view on, together with a short version, technical appendices and some FAQs.