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Vital Defibrillator purchased 

Published on Tuesday, 29th March 2016

A partnership has been formed between the Council, Nuneaton Harriers Community Association, Nuneaton Griff Football Club and Nuneaton Triathlon Club to purchase a much need defibrillator. 

Defib Nuneaton HarriersLeft to right: Cllr Neil Phillips, Nick Wilson (crouching holding the AED), Cllr Ian Lloyd and Laura Richards from George Eliot Hospital

Following a cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 23% per minute. It is therefore important that medical treatment starts as soon as possible. The UK Resuscitation Council suggests an AED (automated external defibrillator) should be available wherever medical treatment is more than five minutes away. 

The rate of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest is dependent upon time - the quicker the intervention, the better the outcome. Brain death starts after 3 minutes so urgent action is needed. The frequency of a cardiac arrest is such that there is reasonable probability of the use of an AED at least once in two years. 

This defibrillator will be available to support the NBBC Active 4 Life Community Cardiac Classes to help improve much needed first aid provisions to high risk clients. Strong links have been set up with the George Eliot Hospital to refer clients from their Cardiac Rehab class to the Active 4 Life Community Classes. The defibrillator will also be available at community events within the Borough and at the Pingles Athletics Stadium. 

Due to increased usage of the Pingles Athletics Stadium, this defibrillator is seen as a great investment in ensuring the health of those that visit the facility, may it be taking part in physical activity or watching a football match. 

“I see this as a much needed addition to benefit users of the facility to help provide the up most care and improve the chances of survival post Sudden cardiac arrest”. 

Nick Wilson, speaking on behalf of the three sports clubs based at the Pingles Stadium

“This is a great partnership investment, helping to improve the chances of survival post a cardiac episode and giving members of the public reassurance that a more advanced life support is on hand in an emergency situation. We hope this equipment never has to be used but help will be available if such an occasion arises”.

Cllrs Ian Lloyd and Neil Phillips, Cabinet Members at the Council