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Dog Control Public Space Protection Order - Consultation

Published on Tuesday, 14th February 2017

Residents of the Borough are being asked to take part in a consultation about updating existing dog control powers that would see irresponsible dog owners continue to be punished.

The consultation, which will be running between February 13th and March 13th 2017, aims to collect the public's view on updating the existing dog control powers.

Under the proposals, there will be one order granted to cover Nuneaton and Bedworth:

  • Dog Fouling – this covers the entire borough and continues the current dog fouling powers
  • Dogs on lead under instruction - if an authorised officer instructs a dog walker that they must put their pet on a lead then they must.
  • Dogs to be kept on leads in the following locations – all public roads, pavements and footways and pedestrianised roads within the Borough. Any grass verge which is adjacent to the carriageway or footway and any sport grounds, fields and pitches - when in use for authorised sporting activities. This will also include the following Cemeteries: Oaston Road, Bucks Hill, Attleborough, Coventry Road and Marston Lane.
  • Dogs exclusion from the following areas – specified children’s play areas, multi-use games areas, skateparks, BMX tracks and green gyms, Heart of England Crematorium.

If these proposals are adopted, dog owners who breach them will face an increased fixed penalty notice of £100 to be paid within 14 days, reduced to £80 if it is paid within ten days. If the penalty notice is not paid Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council may prosecute the offender in the courts.

The Council is also interested in feedback relating to utilising NSL officers, who currently undertake littering enforcement for the council, to assist existing officers to enforce this order.

Residents can have their say by completing the online survey:

We are currently consulting with residents about updating existing dog control powers, which have been drafted with the aim of continuing to enforce responsible pet ownership in public spaces in the Borough.  I would encourage people to take part in the consultation and tell us their opinion as it will help to shape the decisions we make moving forward. We understand that the majority of dog owners in the Borough are responsible. Unfortunately though, there are inconsiderate individuals who continue to leave their dogs' mess in parks and on pathways, or let their pet run loose in cemeteries, which could obviously cause upset to other visitors - and these orders are designed to penalise the responsible parties.

- Councillor Barry Longden, Health and Environment Portfolio Holder

More information about the consultation is available on the council's website: