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Recycling banks removed from Civic Hall

Published on Monday, 16th January 2017

All recycling bring banks, located behind the Civic Hall, in Spitalfields Car Park - Bedworth, have been removed by the council due to persistent fly-tipping at the site.

Fly-tipping of waste surrounding recycling bring banks has been an ongoing problem for years at this particular site, as well as others, but the problem in Spitalfields Car Park has increased to such a level over the past year that managing the site has become unsustainable. This has lead to the council having no choice but to have the banks removed.

Fly-tipping found at the site has always been investigated and Enforcement Officers are currently compiling two cases against persons for recent fly-tipping incidents at the Civic Hall recycling banks.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and carries a maximum fine of £50,000 on conviction.

Residents can take certain additional recycling to the other various recycling bring bank sites located in the Borough, or any recycling/waste can be taken to Judkins Household Waste and Recycling Centre. A map of the recycling bring bank sites is currently being created and will be available shortly.


Glen McGrandle, Head of Waste and Transport said: “Fly-tipping not only causes an eyesore, but it poses a threat to humans and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils the enjoyment of our towns and countryside. Every person has a duty of care to ensure that their waste is disposed of correctly and we will not tolerate illegal acts such as fly-tipping. It’s a shame that on this occasion we have had no choice but to remove the recycling facilities located behind the Civic Hall, due to the acts of some inconsiderate people.”


The Council values the public’s support in helping us keep our towns cleaner and greener. If you have witnessed fly-tipping taking place, you can report it to us in confidence by calling 02476 376376.