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A Christmas surprise for Bedworth

Published on Monday, 5th December 2016

There’s some real Christmas magic in the air in Bedworth today as the town’s living Christmas tree is dressed for the very first time.

Bedworth Christmas Tree

Until recently the splendid conifer in the churchyard was obscured by a weeping willow, but now that the willow has been removed, the conifer is able to take centre stage.

Cllr Dennis Harvey, Leader of the Council said;

“The people of Bedworth have a beautiful living Christmas tree and we’re looking forward to dressing it later today. The churchyard conifer is absolutely stunning, perfect for Christmas and we’ve invested in lights so that we can decorate it every year. Of course, the people of Bedworth have another beautiful tree in the grounds of the Almshouses, which we also dress, so Bedworth will look very festive indeed!”

Cllr Ian Lloyd, portfolio holder for Arts and Leisure said:

“When we removed the old willow tree in the churchyard earlier this year, we were delighted to reveal the perfect real Christmas tree! We’ve been able to book a platform for today so that we can dress the conifer and we’re looking forward to seeing it in all its festive glory! It’s wonderful that the people of Bedworth can enjoy a real Christmas tree year after year; there’s no need to buy one each time, so it’s a green option too.”