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Air quality improvements in Nuneaton

Published on Monday, 28th November 2016

Continuing improvements in air quality in the borough means that residents are now breathing less polluted air than in the past.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council runs a comprehensive programme of air quality monitoring across a wide range of locations in the borough where there is the greatest potential for air quality issues. 

This uses mainly passive diffusion tubes whereby air enters them and pollutants react chemically with its contents. These are then sent for chemical analysis to calculate air quality levels. 

As a result of this monitoring, two Air Quality Management Areas have been declared, where levels of nitrogen dioxide previously failed to meet government air quality objectives. 

Monitoring results show that air quality on the Leicester Road gyratory has met the nitrogen dioxide objectives for three successive years without a single failure. 

This is very positive news for the health of residents living in that area who can view the results, which are reviewed, assessed and reported annually, on our website.

Passive diffusion tubes will remain on site but there is no longer a need to maintain and operate the automatic continuous monitoring station which will be mothballed at the end of the year.

This will achieve an annual saving of £5,000 while retaining the ability to bring it back into use in the future if needed.

Councillor Barry Longden, Cabinet Member for Health & Environment, said:

“This news will provide positive reassurance for people living on the Leicester Road Gyratory. They will know that air quality in that area now consistently meets all of the Government air quality objectives and has done so for the last three years.

“The council has always maintained a full air quality monitoring programme up to the national prescribed standard, and we will continue to do so through our network of diffusion tubes and with reference to national monitoring programmes.”