Marlborough Road recreation ground

We are aiming to replace and improve the existing facilities in Marlborough Road recreation ground and we are really interested to hear what you think, and for you to voice your opinions on what new equipment you would like to see.

The survey should take around five minutes to complete, and will close on Saturday, 25 May.

Complete our survey

The survey also captures data to understand the user demographics of the park and its facilities.

Why are we consulting

The equipment was last updated at Marlborough Recreation Ground in 2006, where new play equipment was installed for younger and older children and fencing put up to enclose the park. The play equipment has been well used, and is now 18 years old, so it is time for a refresh.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough money to completely change the layout of the park, so we are looking to get the best value for money and improve the facilities on offer.