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Everything from science-based environments to famous illustrations, or locally produced craft, can be shown as part of our busy and diverse programme. We have three galleries dedicated to bringing lively, fun and family-friendly temporary exhibits so there is something for everyone. Don’t forget – entry is free!

Now showing:


Thinking about World Culture Objects

8 July – 1 October

What comes to mind when you come face-to-face with these unique objects? What do the animals they represent tell you about their use or meaning? Are they functional, artistic, ceremonial, or all of these? There will be recordings of other people sharing their ideas available to watch in the gallery. Do you agree with their thoughts? The Museum has a nationally significant collection of items from different world cultures. This exhibition has been developed as part of the Museum’s Centenary Celebrations.


Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

15 July – 10 September

30 artists from Australia, The United States and The UK present their woven tapestries in this internationally touring exhibition. These small-scale creations show different approaches to working with woven tapestry techniques. Some of the textile artists exhibiting have used the landscape as inspiration for their work, while others think about fire, water or air.


Dressing the women from Poldark

22 July - 10 September

This highlight of our summer programme is a display of different outfits worn by female characters in the hit TV show. Demelza, Elizabeth, Caroline and Verity are all represented in the final lineup, so don’t miss your chance to experience a bit of the ‘Poldark’ magic.


Coming Up:


British Wildlife Photography Awards Exhibition 2016

16 September – 29 October

Now on tour, this show is a celebration of British wildlife, as well as a showcase for the country’s leading nature photographers and we hope you are both captivated and impressed by this delightful display. This highly acclaimed exhibition includes photography from categories such as ‘Wild Woods’, ‘Coast and Marine’, ‘British seasons and ‘Botanical Britain’.



Techniquest – Forces

Yellow Gallery

16 September - 5 November

Full of family-friendly hands-on excitement for all ages! The science-based fun is packed with curious snippets of information – learn how air can keep a ball in the air, or even how pendulums work! As with all our shows entry to this exhibition is free to members of the public, however there is a small charge to school groups for this exhibition to cover staff costs. Members of the public are advised to visit this show Friday - Sunday, or after 3.30pm Tuesday - Thursday. This is to avoid coinciding with a booking, as the exhibition will be closed to the public when pre-booked groups are present. Full access to the public during half-term (Tuesday 24 October to Friday 27 October).



David Beaumont – Naked Town

Landing Gallery

7 October - 10 December

Local artist David Beaumont exhibits a series of drawings which show local buildings in various states of ruin. David’s work relates to capitalism and he sees them as presenting a different perspective on the urban environment. What do they make you think about when you look at them? Do you recognize the various scenes these drawings depict?

Alongside David’s work will be artwork from the Museum’s own collection. Can you see similarities in the themes they depict? Are there comparisons to be made between the works of the different artists?



TAKE 6 Craft Show

White Gallery

4 November – 17 December

Arriving just in time for Christmas gift shopping, this exhibition shows the work of six artists and craft makers.

It has been curated by Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery to showcase a broad range of ‘must have’ crafts in a variety of materials.

Artists included in the show are Claire Botterill, Claire Brierley, Jo Lovell, John Commane, Michala Gyetvai and Val Hunt.



Sacrifice: Stories of Bravery and Resilience after Recent Conflicts.

Yellow Gallery

11 November 2017 – 1 January 2018

This show of compelling films show men and women whose lives have been affected by serving in recent conflicts, or by supporting someone who did.

Veterans talk about overcoming their injuries and struggles whilst other soldiers are still on a journey to recovery.

This exhibition is on tour from Astley Hall Museum & Art Gallery. It was created as a tribute to those whose lives have been affected while serving their country.



Sharon Baker – Manhole Covers: Pictures Beneath Your Feet

Landing Gallery

16 December 2017 – 28 January 2018

Bold and colourful images fill the room for this unusually-themed show. Drain covers, hydrants and boundary boxes are part of the often overlooked scenes we see everyday, yet their designs are creatively celebrated in this fun show.

Bold gestures and vibrant colours make the well-known designs appear less familiar – these artworks are sure to have you spotting manhole covers all the way home!



Object Relations: Images in photography and painting

White Gallery

23 December 2017 – 11 February 2018

Photographs and paintings of everyday objects are displayed alongside each other in this exciting 2-person show. Artists Christian Mieves and Euripides Altintzoglou present a body of work which plays with ideas of uncertainty and surprise. The images exhibited show objects which should be familiar to the viewer, yet they are depicted in a way which makes the items less easy to understand and recognise. Does this show make you think differently about the way objects are usually represented in pictures? Are you mostly looking at the object or at the image? What do these images say to you?



Subjectively Objective

Yellow Gallery

6 January – 11 February 2018

Recent graduates of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College present this selection of photographs of different places. Some are abstract, and it is difficult to recognise the type of scene shown. Others focus in on a specific place or section of an area and the great news is that they’re all for sale!

The artists include Jasmine Gandy and Gayle Baker, who both obtained their degree in Visual Media from Coventry University having studied the course through North Warwickshire & Hinckley College.


For more info on what’s coming up see our What’s On Guide!








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