Food premises inspections

Food Safety Officers may inspect food premises in the borough without having to make an appointment or give advanced notice. They will visit to ensure that food law requirements are being met for food produced, stored, distributed and sold within the borough.

Food Safety Officers also carry out routine and unannounced sampling of food, premises, products and water on a regular basis.

How often we visit depends on: the type of food being handled, people at risk, how the business is managed, the condition of the premises and if any complaints have been received.

Inspections are carried out to ensure/inspect that:

  • food is being handled and produced hygienically
  • food is safe to eat
  • potential risk of food poisoning as a result of food contamination
  • food handling staff are trained in food hygiene
  • the condition of the premises and equipment
  • there are precautions to prevent pest infestation
  • that staff are aware of the importance of personal hygiene

We may take samples, photographs and inspect records and take food we suspect is unsafe.

We will rate your premises using the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Scores are awarded for food hygiene compliance, structural compliance and confidence in management, premises are not rated against the quality of the food they produce.