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Empty properties

Report an empty property

A property is classed as being long term empty when it has remained unoccupied for six months or more.

  • If you are aware of a property that has been empty for six months or more, contact our private sector housing team

Why is the council interested in empty properties?

In a time where housing is in short supply, hundreds of households are seeking accommodation due to homelessness, overcrowding or living in unsatisfactory situations. Empty properties are a wasted resource both financially and in terms of housing stock as society has to find more land to build new homes on.

A vacant property can deteriorate into disrepair, is a target for anti-social behaviour including arson and criminal damage, or be illegally occupied. The grounds of an empty property can also become overgrown and if not secured be a magnet for fly tipping.

All this can cause severe problems to neighbouring properties whilst also having a detrimental effect on the local community as a whole and the amenity of the area.

  • We partner with North Warwickshire Borough Council to deliver a joint private sector housing service and undertake the service on their behalf

Last updated Thursday, 14th April 2022

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