Lawn graves

The Cemetery will provide a temporary grave marker following the burial, which is expected to be in place for approximately six to 12 months. Lawn graves allow for a headstone at the head of the grave.

In the period following a burial, the grave mound will remain in place for approximately 12 months. This is necessary as the ground settles so please do not remove the grave mound.

After approximately 12 months, the Council will remove any additional soil and turf will be laid over the grave.

The Council's turfing program is normally carried out in March and October.

To ensure continual access and ease of maintenance of all grave areas, we respectfully ask that once turf has been laid, grave owners place any memorials, mementos, flower containers etc. on the memorial foundation area at the head of the grave only.

Owners are encouraged to maintain this area themselves in order that the Cemetery maintenance staff do not have to disturb any flowers or memorials present.

Please note that the following are not allowed: any type of fencing/edging, any type of gravel,glass chippings on or around the grave space.

Any items not in accordance with the Cemetery's regulations will be removed from the grave according to the process laid out in the Cemetery Regulations, a copy of which can be viewed or downloaded at our website.

Both lawn and kerb graves can accommodate up to two full coffin burials as a standard.

The cemetery office must be informed at the time of the first burial if you would like us to try to accommodate three full burials, which is sometimes possible if ground conditions allow.

It is not possible to select a particular grave unless purchasing a second grave at the same time as a burial in a new grave.