No work can be carried out on an existing memorial or a new headstone installed without the authority of the person holding the Right of Burial to the grave.

If you are purchasing or reserving a new grave, it is essential you select the section of a cemetery which will allow you the type of memorial you require as regulations differ for different graves.

Where individual foundations are provided for lawn memorials ideally these will be situated on the un-dug ground at the head end of the grave. We recommend waiting for a period to give the ground time to settle and consolidate.

During this period the cemetery staff will monitor any sinkage that becomes apparent and top up periodically with topsoil until settlement ceases. 

Your memorial mason will submit an application form and fee to the council with the written authority of the grave owner before a permit (permission to carry out works) is issued. Memorials need to conform to cemetery regulations with regards to size and fixings and the memorial also needs to be checked for stability.