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Kerbside garden waste collections

Published on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

NBBC is considering charging for garden waste bin collections as a result of ever-increasing budget pressures.

Proposals for introducing a charge of £40 for all garden waste bins will be considered by Cabinet at their meeting on 31st October 2018, alongside other suggestions to achieve required savings of over £1m in the next financial year.

The majority of local authorities up and down the country already charge for green waste collections, including neighbouring Hinckley and Bosworth and nearby Rugby, Tamworth and Lichfield councils.

The Local Government Association reports that local authorities have been forced to introduce charges because of cuts to funding by central government. A spokesperson said:

"Councils in England face an overall funding gap that will exceed £5bn by 2020.

"Some councils were able to provide free garden waste services when they were first introduced but are now having to charge to reflect the growing cost of providing a collection service."

The current budget pressures mean that the Council has had to examine all services to identify any opportunities for savings – this has meant that spending on ‘discretionary services’ (i.e. those which the Council has no legal duty to provide) has come under particular scrutiny. The green waste service is discretionary and currently costs the Council just over £500,000 a year to run. The proposed charges provide an opportunity for residents to choose to continue to have their garden waste bins collected or not.

Feedback from the Council’s recent public consultation exercise suggests that the introduction of charges for collecting garden waste is something that some residents would be prepared to accept in order to protect other front line services.

The report will be considered by Cabinet on 31st October 2018. Details of the meeting can be found here on the Council’s website.