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Green bin - garden and food waste

Green bin terms and conditions

By signing up to the green bin service the customer accepts these terms and conditions.


  1. The agreement is made between the resident (customer) and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and sets out the terms and conditions under which the customer may use the council's garden waste collection service (the service).
  2. This green waste service only operates within the boundary of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.
  3. The garden waste service is for domestic garden waste only, no trade waste is accepted.
  4. The service is subject to an annual charge which covers the collection period from 1 February to 31 January.
  5. View the current green bin service charge and is subject to possible annual increases in line with the Council’s fees and charges which will be communicated to the Customer prior to payment.
  6. The annual charge applies to the service of each green lidded bin. There is no limit to the number of green lidded bins each household can have.
  7. The green lidded bin remains the property of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.
  8. There are no concessions or refunds for this service and the annual charge is for a full year, irrespective of when customers opt in to the service. There are no discounts to the charges for part year sign up.


  1. A subscription fee of £40 per green bin for each annual service period is required.
  2. The fee can be paid online or by calling 024 7637 6170.
  3. Non-payment of the annual fee will result in the bin not being emptied.
  4. You can report a damaged bin on the NBBC website or by calling 024 7637 6170. A fee of £38 will be charged for a new, additional or replacement bins, or a fee of £20 for a repair. If your bin has been damaged by a Waste Operative then replacement or repair will be free of charge.

Sticker and bin delivery

  1. The Council will deliver to the paying customer a permit (bin sticker) for each subscription year, once paid for. The sticker must be placed on the back of the bin, under the handles, so it is clearly visible to the collection crews.
  2. Any customers paying for the service before Friday 12 January 2024 will receive their permit by post in time for the scheme commencement on 5 February 2024.
  3. Any customers paying for the service after this time will receive the bin sticker within 10 working days of payment being made and collection will not commence until the sticker is placed upon the bin. Refunds will not be made for any missed collections during the sticker delivery lead time.
  4. Any green lid bins presented for collection must have an official sticker displayed on the bin or the Council will not carry out collection, irrespective of payment being made.
  5. If your paid sticker is lost or damaged, call 024 7637 6170 or contact us by email


  1. Green lidded bins must be placed out for collection by 7am on collection day. If you have an assisted collection, all bins must be accessible.
  2. Green lidded bins will be emptied fortnightly, all year round, with the exception of one collection suspension to allow for crew training – usually during the winter months. Advance notice will be given to customers to communicate the service break.
  3. All reasonable efforts will be taken to empty green lidded bins in adverse weather conditions. However, if it is not possible or safe to collect, attempts will be made to reschedule collections and these will be communicated through the Council’s website and social media pages. No refunds will be given if collections cannot be carried out due extreme adverse weather conditions/force majeure.
  4. All green lidded bins must be presented correctly in order to receive a collection. Waste must be contained within the bin with the bin lid closed fully, and must contain only acceptable materials which are listed on the website. Refunds will not be made for rejected collections.
  5. Bins should not be filled with such a weight as to make the moving or emptying process hazardous to the council's operatives. The council reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service to customers whose bins are overweight.
  6. The customer shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bin.
  7. If the green lidded bin is presented correctly by the customer but missed by the collection crew, the customer must inform the Council within 48 hours so that the Council can return to empty it. Crews will aim to empty all missed green bins on the return visit. Missed bins reported more than 48 hours after collection day will not be emptied and no refunds will be given.
  8. The Council reserves the right to change the day of collection, giving reasonable notice, to suit existing rounds and current practices in order to promote an efficient service in accordance with Council priorities.

Moving house

  1. If you move, you must inform the Council so we can update our records. If moving within the Borough and a green bin will not exist at the new property, take your bin with you and inform the Council of your new address so that a new permit can be sent to you at the new address.
  2. If you move outside the Borough, you will no longer be able to use the service and no refunds will be given for the unused term.

Renewal and cancellation

  1. The Council will notify the Customer annually of the renewal of the service, charge and how to pay if they wish to renew the service.
  2. Once the customer has opted in to, and paid for, the service, there is a 14 day cooling period, when the customer can cancel the service if they wish and be refunded in full. After the 14 day period the Council will not refund payments made for the green lidded bin collection service.
  3. The Customer may cancel the service at any point during the service year but no refunds will be given (unless within 14 days of payment, as above).
  4. The Customer’s statutory rights are not affected.

Data Protection

  1. We will process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your permission. The data you provide in order to receive a chargeable garden waste service will be kept secure in the council's databases.
  2. We will only use the personal details you have provided for this service to contact you by letter, telephone, text messages, or email for matters related to the garden waste service and to inform you of any similar service provided by the council that may be of interest to you.
  3. You may tell us at any time if you don't want to receive marketing communications from us by writing to us providing your full name, address and garden waste reference number.
  4. The Council reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions.

Last updated Thursday, 16th November 2023

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