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Business support grants

Wet-led Pubs (CSP)

The application process closed on 28th February 2021.

Pubs that do not take more than 50% of their sales in food or ‘wet-led pubs’ who are unable to open in Tier 2 or Tier 3 are able to access a one off grant payment for December of £1,000. This grant payment is on top of any other grants the eligible pubs are entitled to. This means that wet-led pubs can apply for this grant as well as the second national lockdown grant, LRSG closed and the ARG schemes.

Full guidance for the wet-led pub Christmas support payment scheme.

Please refer to the policy

Eligibility criteria for this scheme is as follows:

  • the pub must be open to the general public (under usual circumstances)
  • the pub must allow free entry
  • the pub must allow drinking without requiring food to be consumed
  • the pub must permit drinks to be purchased at a bar
  • the pub must take less than 50% of its income from food sales - we may request proof of accounts to substantiate this.
  • the pub must have been trading as of 30 November 2020.
  • the grant will be paid to the liable person as of 1 December 2020
  • a grant will be paid to each eligible rated premises - an individual application must be made for each premises.

Exclusions to this scheme are as follows:

  • Nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, snack bars, guest houses, boarding houses, sporting venues, music venues, festival sites, theatres, museums, exhibition halls, cinemas, concert halls and casinos are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Pubs that derive more than 50% of their income from food sales are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Businesses that have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of state aid under the rules stipulated below are not eligible for this scheme
  • Businesses that are in administration, insolvent or where a striking off notice has been made are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Businesses in areas moving from Tier 1 to Tier 2 or Tier 3 after 29 December 2020 will not be eligible for this grant.

Any changes to the ratings list (rateable value or hereditament) after the first full day of localised restrictions (2 December) including changes which have been backdated to this date, should be ignored for eligibility purposes.



Last updated Monday, 25th October 2021

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