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Statutory obligations impact Borough Plan timetable

Published on Wednesday, 15th June 2016

A revised timetable for the Borough Plan was reported to Cabinet this evening, Wednesday 15th June 2016. The adjustments to the timeframe have been necessary to allow the Council to meet its statutory obligations.

Under a ‘duty to co-operate’ Nuneaton and Bedworth is legally obliged to consider the accommodation of additional growth in order to satisfy the overall needs of the sub-region. This is a result of there being insufficient land to meet objectively assessed need elsewhere within the area.

As a consequence, we are required to review the evidence base which informs the planning decisions the Council makes and this process will take time. Once the evidence is reviewed, the Plan will be amended and consultation will take place on the changes later in the year. The Plan will then be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for an independent examination.

Cllr Danny Aldington, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Development said:

‘We’ve had to revise the timetable we had in mind for the production of the Borough Plan in order to comply with our statutory obligations. The delay is unforeseen and beyond our control.
The legal position is crystal clear; because housing needs in other parts of the region cannot be accommodated, we are legally obliged to review our own position and assist if we can. Effectively, this means that we have no choice but to review our evidence base; as a formal request has been made, we have a statutory duty to comply with it, as do other neighbouring authorities.
Once finalised, our Plan will map out development in the Borough for decades to come and it’s absolutely crucial that we get it right. The process takes time and we need to invest sufficient resource to make sure that our evidence base is accurate and that any new issues are thoroughly investigated.
We will make sure that our Borough Plan is robust and reflects local opinions. It’s one of our top priorities; we’re making really good progress and giving it the time and focus it properly deserves.’