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Simple Sanctuaries - A Solo Exhibition by Angela Maloney at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery

Published on Friday, 6th December 2019

solo exhibition

A collection of haunting images are about to land at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery!

Angela Maloney’s tonal paintings, drawings and print works suggest a world that is familiar, yet at the same time holds a sense of mystery.

Temporary shelters; places of refuge now seemingly abandoned are unveiled alongside mysterious masked bee keepers. The use of green hues and saturated colouring speaks of dreams or half-formed memories.

This poignant exhibition touches upon social concerns for our environment; ideas of identity, and questions around the stability of a fixed home in the modern world.

Maloney is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from Coventry University who regularly exhibits regionally and nationally. She was recently picked to showcase work for the Coventry University Drawing Prize 2019 and was a prize winner in the 2014 West Midlands Open.

Lucy Morrison, Exhibitions Officer for Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery says:

“Such an intriguing exhibition! These other-worldly paintings really stick with you and there’s interesting conversations to be had here about the relationships between man and nature.”

Captivated by these curious concealed figures? Come and get hands on with the Museum Collection as we talk about Masks! This free event on Saturday 18th January runs from 11am – 4pm and is suitable for all ages, just drop in.

As with all our exhibitions, admission is FREE and there are other displays to enjoy during your visit. Check out the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery Facebook page for full details about upcoming events.