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Town Hall to light up in support of World Polio Day

Published on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

world polio day

The Arbury Rotary Club are working in collaboration with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council to light up the exterior of the Town Hall in purple to show support for World Polio Day on Thursday the 24th of October.

Polio is a serious viral infection that used to be common in the UK and worldwide. There hasn’t been a case of polio in the UK since the mid-80s, but there are still some cases in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately there is no cure for polio, but it can be prevented with a vaccination.

Purple dye is placed on a child’s finger when they receive a vaccine, which is why the colour purple is so significant for Polio awareness.

The purple lights that will also illuminate a variety of buildings across the West Midlands, is a part of Rotary’s ‘Purple 4 Polio’ campaign.

It is a worldwide campaign that has aimed to eliminate Polio since the 80s, when Arbury Rotary Club held a fundraising concert at the Civic Hall. Since then, every year the club have contributed financially towards the campaign.

The Rotary Club are a group of residents who empower others in our local community, nationally and internationally to make the world we live in a much better place.

Roger Coopey, member at the Rotary Club said:

“For the last three years we have planted several thousand purple flowering crocuses during late autumn, and all the proceeds from the purchase go to the campaign.

“On two occasions, we’ve planted the flowers in the grass opposite the side of the Nuneaton Museum, but last year because the ground was quite hard we placed them in the border alongside the entrance to Wembrook School.

“Students at Wembrook have assisted us with the flower planting which is a great way to get them involved in such an important cause.”

David Clayfield who is the president of the club, went to India with another Rotarian a few years ago and assisted with the immunisation programme for Polio.

One of the club members previously suffered with polio in his younger years and is still impacted by the disease today.

Cllr Neil Phillips, Cabinet Member for Planning, Development and Health said:

“We are very pleased to show our support for World Polio Day by working with The Rotary Club to light up our Town Hall in purple.

“Polio is a terrible disease that still affects children in various parts of the world. We are delighted to offer our contribution to the clubs ‘Purple 4 Polio’ campaign in order to make a continuous effort to raise awareness.”