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Multi skilled workforce brings a host of benefits for council service, craft workers and tenants

Published on Friday, 11th October 2019

The training is already yielding results, enabling repairs to be completed more swiftly using a fewer number of craftspeople.

Following a review and restructure  in 2018 of our council’s in-house craft workers, a decision was made to provide multi-skill training to enable a more efficient and diversified workforce to ensure that the councils anticipated future repair demands could be met.

To enable our craft workers to achieve these goals we turned to the Central Building and Welding Academy (CBWA) in Bayton Road, Bedworth. The CBWA provide high quality, tailored construction and welding training and provide a wide range of courses which are accessible to anyone wishing to learning a new skill or even to fit a kitchen in your own home.

Central Building and Welding Academy (CBWA)NBBC craft workers, Central Building and Welding Academy (CBWA)

The CBWA embraced our vision wholeheartedly and commenced the assessments and training swiftly. The training and assessments started in July are on track to be finished by the end of October.

David Winterburn - Director at CWBA said:

“It has been a pleasure assessing and upskilling all the of the maintenance team from Nuneaton and Bedworth borough council here at central building and welding academy.

“All delegates were enthusiastic hardworking committed and a credit to the council.”

Andy Wilson Property Services Trade Manager said:

“I have greater confidence in sending a single operative out to complete a job in one hit. Rather than it involving 2-3 trades as previously. This makes our performance better and gives our tenants a superior service.

“The service provided by Central Building &Welding Academy, has provided our team with invaluable knowledge and know how in carrying out there new roles.”

CBWA’s practical approach enabled our craft workers to achieve skills in the required sub-trades e.g. a plumber to be proficient in three sub-trades: Joinery, Plastering and Tiling. 

The training is already yielding results, enabling repairs to be completed more swiftly using a fewer number of craftspeople, which is not only to the council’s benefit but more importantly to the tenants. There have been benefits for the craft work team too, with increased morale and job satisfaction.

Jack Masters – NBBC’s main trade Joiner said:

“Being able to carry out all aspects of work is very cost effective, and also saves time on completion of the job. Which allows us to provide an efficient service to our tenants. All training and assessments were sorted efficiently to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.”

Councillor Chris Watkins, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities said:

“I was most impressed by the quality of the training provided by the Central Building and Welding Academy. Our staff took the extra demands made of them in their stride and achieved superb results.  It has improved the staff morale considerably and of course these extra skills has made a dramatic impact on the Repairs Team as they now only have to arrange one visit to a tenant. 

“I am immensely proud of all our staff and the services we provide to our tenants throughout the borough and the multi tasking capabilities of our craft workers has enabled us to look forward with confidence in our ability to meet the future demands of our tenants.”

NBBC property services support team