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Recycle Your Crisp Packets at the Town Hall and Civic Hall

Published on Wednesday, 18th September 2019

Walker’s crisp packet recycling points are available to use by the public at both the Town Hall and Civic Hall.

As crisp packets cannot be recycled in mixed kerbside services, which includes our brown lid bin service, Walker’s work with recycling company TerraCycle to provide streamlined services for them around the Country.

We have signed up to the scheme and installed points at both the Nuneaton Town Hall and Bedworth Civic Hall, for residents and visitors to use. You can locate other points to take materials that are not accepted in the kerbside recycling scheme on teracycle’s website:

Crisp packet recycling facilityCrisp Packet recycling facilities

If you would like to use the points at the Town Hall and Civic Hall for your crisp packets, just drop in any brand of empty and clean packets to either of the two corporate buildings and we will return them to TerraCycle to be recycled.

Councillor Jill Sheppard, Portfolio Holder for Refuse and Central Services said:

"The way kerbside recycling is collected and sorted is great for allowing lots of material to be collected at once and recycled efficiently. Materials that cannot be sorted and processed this way; such as crisp packets, need to be processed separately – and that’s why we’ve set up these points in the corporate buildings for the public to use."

Crisp packet recycling facility