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Hostel for people sleeping rough now open

Published on Tuesday, 9th July 2019

On the 1st July we opened the doors to a premises for people who are rough sleeping.

The project was made possible through a NBBC secured grant of £150,000 from a central Government Rough Sleeper Initiative fund which received Cabinet approval to deliver this project.

The accommodation which includes 6 rooms, provides not only a warm and safe environment in which to live, but also gives access to on-site support from specially trained staff who will be available 24/7 to guide to assist the residents when required.

Property management, repairs, cleaning and rent collection will be taken care of by NBBC, whilst staff from Nuneaton based charity P3 will be on hand to deliver round the clock support to meet the individuals’ needs on site. As and when the residents are ready to move on, NBBC staff will work with them to secure longer-term accommodation. 

P3 Head of Service Esther Barrett said:

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to work in partnership with NBBC to support vulnerable people in an accommodation-based setting. People who have been sleeping rough with a local connection to Nuneaton and Bedworth now have access to a housing solution where P3 support workers will be available 24 hours a day to offer them support and guidance. An important part of this support will be liaising with other partnership services to ensure people receive the right support at the right time. By working together we can tackle people’s problems and achieve the best outcomes for the people we support.”

P3 Service Coordinator Liz Price added:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for P3 and the NBBC to work with people who require a safe place to live and grow in confidence, we will work intensively to explore long lasting routes to help people off the streets and into their own accommodation.  We will work alongside people supporting them to maximise their independent living skills which will hopefully lead to a successful transition into their own accommodation.”

Cllr Chris Watkins, Portfolio holder for Housing and Communities said:

 “We are delighted to be opening yet another initiative to help some of our towns most vulnerable people. Alongside the opening of new accommodation in Bedworth and the conversion of the former Nuneaton Council House, this project provides yet another avenue to provide the crucial support needed to help get people who are rough sleeping back on their feet and off the streets.”

Anyone found sleeping on the streets in the Borough is offered advice and support by P3 and/or Doorway. In addition, officers from the Councils Housing Solutions Service also try to engage with individuals thought to be homeless, to offer help. Residents can be assured therefore that help is available and has or will be offered to all individuals, and so should they wish to donate to the charities supporting homeless people, rather than to the individuals themselves, this is possible by popping into the Nuneaton town centre offices of P3 and/or Doorway, or on-line via their websites.

All rough sleepers are entitled to claim benefits regardless of having no fixed abode and are supported to do so by both the agencies mentioned herein and the Job Centre Plus in Mill Walk. The local Salvation Army also provide meals, as do some of the local churches-so on a daily basis, there is somewhere within the Town for people to get a meal, details of which can be found on the Council’s web site.