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A new grounds maintenance contract for Nuneaton and Bedworth

Published on Thursday, 9th May 2019

NBBC can announce that the procurement exercise for the new grounds maintenance contract for the Borough is complete and the highest scoring bidder was Glendale Grounds Management Ltd.

Subject to a ten-day standstill period the contract will come into effect on 1 November 2019 and run for five years.

The new contract will provide better value for money and deliver improvements in the areas of greatest importance to local people. It covers all NBBC owned and maintained parks and greenspaces, including sports pitches and bowling greens, plus highway verges, adopting a uniform approach to grounds maintenance across the Borough. As it is based upon the frequency of service, with defined tasks and timescales, it simplifies requirements and makes it easier to monitor and hold the contractor to account. Payment will be on performance – if a task isn’t completed, payment will not be made.

There are major changes to performance monitoring arrangements too. A web-based management system will provide detailed, real-time information so that the delivery of specific tasks can be monitored. This system will include a public portal so that residents have ready access to live information on the frequency and timings of operations. Key performance indicators have been set to measure performance and regular customer satisfaction surveys will be undertaken throughout the contract. Improved arrangements for handling enquiries and complaints are to be put in place, alongside an enhanced public information service.Minimum staffing levels for both summer and winter months were required to be submitted to ensure contract compliance and continuity.

The new specification has been shaped by feedback from residents, together with the findings of a cross-party Environment and Planning Scrutiny Working Party and the requirements of the Social Value Act. Several companies submitted bids and these were scored against an extensive range of criteria which assessed value for money, issues of quality and the resilience of the service on offer.

In order to get best value for money, the tree work has been separated from the main contract; this is a high value service and subject to full EU procurement requirements. Other ad-hoc and specialist operations such as footway resurfacing, fencing and landscaping are to be tendered with local small and medium sized enterprises being encouraged to bid for the work.

Cllr Ian Lloyd, Portfolio Holder for Sports, Leisure and Economic Development said:

“The new contract will deliver significant service improvements and save money, whilst being kinder to the environment, so it’s great news for everyone.

“It focuses on the priorities identified by our residents - it’s as simple as that. We have designed the new service around the feedback we received, addressing areas of concern, concentrating on what’s important locally, improving the responsiveness of the service and getting better value for money. We listened to the issues raised by residents and addressed them within the new contract.

“The new work specification is very different to the old one – we have repackaged tasks to make delivery as economical as possible and put the emphasis on the key areas that are important to residents. We’ve also put in place robust performance measures and we have strengthened the link between delivery and payment.

“We conducted a comprehensive and robust tendering process and the Glendale bid provided the best value for money, taking account of both quality and cost.”