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Meetings rearranged

Published on Wednesday, 17th April 2019

Two Council meetings have been rescheduled in order to allow sufficient time for papers to be inspected.

The Planning Applications Committee meeting scheduled for 23 April has been rearranged for 30 April, and the Overview and Scrutiny Panel due to take place on 25 April has been moved to 2 May. Full details can be found here and

The Council has a duty to make agendas, reports and background documents available five clear days before the meeting and the original publication schedule meant that this requirement was not met.

The law states that ‘clear days’ are weekday working days, not to include the day of publication or the day of the meeting. Bank holidays are not deemed to be clear days and the two Easter public holidays were overlooked in the original calculation which was done some time ago. The error has been brought to our attention and the meetings rearranged accordingly.