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WARNING to residents of cold caller / email council tax scam

Published on Monday, 11th March 2019

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is warning residents of a new council tax scam.

The scammers are targeting people either by phone or email claiming they are owed a council tax refund or asking for money to negotiate the lowering of their council tax banding.

Fake email scams ask recipients to follow a link and fill in their details, the link then takes them to a website run by the fraudsters who can then use the personal information to steal money.

Telephone scams include callers asking for bank details and card numbers under the false pretence that they have a council tax refund to place into that person’s account, when in reality they use that information to steal money.

The fraudster’s claim they are from a company called GSM or that they are working on behalf of the local council or the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

NBBC would never call or email residents out of the blue to ask for their bank details and stress that residents should never give out their personal details over the phone or in an email.

Never give out bank details in an email or to cold callers.

Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency and can only be changed under certain conditions and are certainly wouldn’t be negotiable via a third party agency.

Anyone who is struggling to pay council tax bills are advised to contact the NBBC Council Tax Team on 02476 376530 who will be able to offer help and advice.

Cllr John Beaumont, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities said:

“We are warning residents to be vigilant when receiving any phone calls or emails of this nature. Fraudsters are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to try and steal money and this is the latest line of attack from these scammers. If in doubt please hang up the phone or avoid opening the email and contact the police.”

For more advice on how to spot a council tax or business rate scam visit the government website here